In close collaboration with Martini Alfredo S.p.A. from Italy, we construct, supply and install highest quality elements and accessories for marinas and private villa luxury berths with outdoor floating living spaces – a unique custom made product concept designed for the market of GCC countries. Martini Alfredo S.p.A. is a leading manufacturer of certified marina […]


According to what stated by the Certification Institute SQS during the Audit and check of the production process, Martini Alfredo S.p.A. can guarantee that the Martini Marinas floating pontoons have no contraindication to be installed in the sea, river and lake environment. Lightness and strength. The lightness of the plastic floating allows a moderate displacement […]


A very sturdy series of pontoons, Strong 3,20/2,70 and 2,40, specifically designed to moor boats up to the VIII class. All details are studied to grant the highest performances in terms of life expectancy, safety and reliability even with the roughest waters conditions. Each individual module – which comes with a double row of fenders […]


Optimum series of pontoons, Middle 2,70/2,40 and 1,70, for boats up to the V class. They can easily fit any harbour configuration. The Middle pontoons are the most versatile series for both protected ports and rougher waters. The jetty’s buoyancy comes from a floating elements made of synthetic resin over a core of self-extinguishing closed […]


Easy 2,20 and 1,70 are ideal jetties for protected tourist ports and I and II class boats. The right solution to match reliable performance and simplicity with an inexpensive investment. The materials used to construct the frames, the floats, the dunnage and the fenders are chosen – like products – because they withstand the corrosive […]


These pontoons have a minimum free board to easy the docking and mooring of rowing boats. The specifically designed floating beams allow a quick and easy alignment of the rowing boats at the starting line. The buoyancy is provided by plastic floats, filled by expanded self-extinguishing closed cells polystyrene and the contiguous modules are connected […]


Martini Marinas’ floating breakwaters are designed to comply with the findings of detailed hydraulic experiments. The result is a wave-breaking structure shaped like a catamaran, which makes it extremely effective in countering the motion of the waves and dissipating the energy generated by their impact. To guarantee even greater stability, Martini Marinas has patented an […]