High accuracy hydro-graphic and geomechanical surveys are essential importance for all the activities, both on and below sea and the infrastructure along it. We successfully participated and cooperated in different constructional works like dredging of nautical channels and moorings structures construction. CMS provides official measurements for different types of permits like nautical permits, permits for constructing new sea-shell, fish farms, etc…

Support for various underwater construction works is successfully implemented with MBES, monitoring the port dredging operations with the dredged material volume calculation, comparing the current state with the previous state and the intended (planned) state. Support in underwater structures damage identification can also be provided together with the preliminary and final records as construction works performance control.

Other survey services:

  • sea currents measurement in coastal and estuary environments (depth ranging from 2 to 50m);
  • water flow measurement
  • spatial and temporal data analysis
  • numerical currents simulations

Equipment: Acoustic current meter (ADCP – Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler) RDI WH Monitor (600 kHz) with an optional high-resolution, which allows the measurement of currents also in relatively shallow waters (less than 5 m).

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