A very sturdy series of pontoons, Strong 3,20/2,70 and 2,40, specifically designed to moor boats up to the VIII class. All details are studied to grant the highest performances in terms of life expectancy, safety and reliability even with the roughest waters conditions. Each individual module – which comes with a double row of fenders fitted along the long sides – is built to put up maximum resistance to the disorderly behaviour of moored vessels.

Adjacent jetty elements are connected together by toggle joints with a breakage load of 80 tonnes. The materials used to construct these jetties are chosen specifically to ensure that the end product will be robust, solid and need no maintenance at all: the floats are made of synthetic resin over a core of self-extinguishing closed cell expanded polystyrene, the top is decked over with robust similteck resin stave’s and the load-bearing structure is made of hot dip galvanized steel that is resistant to the corrosive action of seawater.

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