Supply and engineering of single and multiple type of boat racks, for all kinds of boats (engine boat, sailing boat, surf, etc…), providing all kind of removable structures for boat storage, including custom structures for the shipping of boats and all type of metal construction for boating.



Made from nodular cast iron with a high nickel content for excellent corrosion resistance in marine applications, or AISI 316 stainless steel when unalterable aesthetic features are required in addition to corrosion resistance.

Bollards are obtained through a smelting process that guarantees structure homogeneity and absence of porosity and flaws. Laboratory tests guarantee their chemical composition and mechanical characteristics. Cast iron bollards are painted with a galvanising primer and a two-component epoxy finish, that provides optimum resistance against marine corrosion, as shown by the saline fog exposure tests carried out in specialized labs

Our supplies are always delivered complete with technical booklets containing the structural calculations and material certifications, in compliance with the Standards in force and Port Authorities requirements.

The mooring bollards from our production can be installed either when the pier is being built or when construction is finished. Our range of products includes bollards that can stand pulls from 2.5 to 300 tons; these very high safety factors guarantee total reliability.

Our bollards come in different styles to meet the most varied mooring requirements. Upon request, we can supply customized mooring bollards bearing special low-relief logos or inscriptions.


Due to our experience in the sector, we can provide integrated solutions for the protection of ships, boats and port facilities. We can supply all types of buoys and fenders (EVA, Rubber, PE, etc …) depending on the technical specifications of the location and the general needs of our customers.


We supply mobile units for production, storage, distribution and packaging of ice built-in ISO Containers (20”/40”) and also other various equipment for the manufacturing of ice cubes, ice cakes and blocks inside and outside the port areas.

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